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Virtual Reality Entertainment
Bringing virtual reality to everyone.


Need custom VR or training? We work with VR facilities around the world to help with their VR needs.

The Software

Our software systems have been built from the ground up to help you track and understand your facility.

The Package

Our drop-in-place VR solutions allow you to put commercial VR into any venue and start making money

The Package

If you need a drop in place solution for virtual reality, we have you covered. All of our packages come completly ready to setup and play right out of the box. Pick your games, hardware, and any extras and we’ll have everything ready to go on arrival.


We work with top hardware professionals to ensure that you receive hardware that is capable of performing in even the most demanding VR environments, while not breaking the bank.


Our game licensing system gives you access to top games in VR. With new titles becoming available all the time, you will always have new content to keep your patrions coming back for more.


As with many new technologies, there are some learning curves with VR. We are happy to come help you with any aspect of running your facility, from setup to training.


We offer a wide variety of VR games from the top VR game companies. Pick from titles like Arizona Sunshine and Raw Data to titles from shooters to exploration.

Affordable Game Pricing

All our games are priced to help both developers and facilities. We don't believe that game licensing needs to be prohibitively expensive for facilities but also want to make sure developers have good reason to continue to create content explicitly for commercial VR. New games arrive weekly, but here are a few of our favorites.

Arizona Sunshine

Raw Data

The Brookhaven Experiment

Space Pirate Trainer

The Lab

Cowbots and Aliens

Richie's Plank Experience

Raw Data

Smashbox Arena

Rec Room

Ghost Town Mine Ride

Holo Ball

Cloudlands Minigolf

Endless Night

Super Pixel Smash

A Partner in VR

You don't have to do this alone. VR is a rapid changing industry, we work with cutting edge hardware and game creators around the world to bring you the best and latest in VR technologies.

Training & Setup

Our staff are trained in setting up and running VR Arcade facilities. Let us come to your location and help shorten the learning curve on your new attraction.

We offer full services from setup to training in one to multiple day options to fit the size and needs of your new arcade.

I would like some help


If you are looking for something special to make your facility really stand out, we have you covered.


We know expansion can be expensive so we have partnered with top financing companies to provide you with the best options to help you grow.


If you have a location you want mapped into lifelike virtual reality, we can help. Our photogrammetry services allow you to capture big and small spaces in amazing detail.

Custom Games

If you really want to stand out from the competition, nothing will get you there quite like a customer VR game or level. From big projects to small updates, we can help set you apart.

4D Elements

Add the ability to really feel the virtual world with 4D. With temperature changes, air jets, moving platforms, and even scent, your options are as broad as your imagination.

Motion Chairs

Give people the ride of their life in a VR chair. We offer models from simple to massive travel and acceleration options.

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The Software

If we’re being totally honest, most everything you’ve seen on this site is doable without us. You can find the hardware and get it setup. You can figure out how to market your virtual reality arcade. You can even order the VR gear straight off the web.

Yeah our knowledge of running arcades gives us a big edge, but you want to know where our real value is? It’s in the software we created. Well built software creates operational efficiencies and provides the information smart business owners use to make better decisions.

Understand Your Business

Understanding what is happening in your business and being able to track usage and trends is critical to making successful decisions. Our cloud based tracking suite allows you to setup your booths and see what is happening in your arcade from wherever you are.

Our systems allow you to see the details about your play time, customer use, and other key metrics to helping you generate profits and provide the best service.

We Have You Covered

Game Licensing

We have partnered with the top VR game developers around the world to bring you a curated list of top of the line VR content.

Time Tracking

See usage across your facilities and booths. Usage reports are available for you and your team to help you predict your next steps.

Customer Data

Keep track of your customers using our built in management system with user tracking, punch cards, membership options, and more.

Turnkey Install

We are working with VR arcade facilities around the world and can lend a helping hand getting everything setup and working quickly.

A Quick Overview

We have built a world class suit of software from the ground up for managing and running commercial VR facilities. Here are a few of the items included in the software.

License Portal

The License Portal is the central administrative portal that provides you with all of the relevant data so you can see exactly what is happening in your facilities.

Rewards Portal

This portal runs on a tablet in your stores and allows you to provide a loyalty program to your customers.

Online Training

We have online training for all of our systems in both video and digital text format. Coupled with our on call and in person training options, you can be confident with your new system.

Leader Board

The Leader board gives you the ability to view scores within your facility or across a network of facilities. Create local competition and drive traffic.

Time Clock

In order to keep track of play time in your facility, you need some help. The Time Clock simply allows you to monitor and control the users play time.

Game Chooser

Once you have picked out your games, the in headset Game Chooser allows you to seamlessly offer those games to your customers in an interactive and customizable way.

In Store Game List

Host the games you offer on your website and in your facility. This page is generated automatically for you based on games that you have selected to license. No need to update anything!


Get a handle on game costs and performance with the dashboard. You can see your locations play times broken out by game and cost.

Email Lists

All of your customers will automatically be added to your email list and you can access their information any time to send promotions and appreciations.


Our reporting system gives you a look at your organization and use every month. See costs, usage, and popularity across all your facilities.
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Custom Services

The joke in the office is: When it comes to what we can do for you in Virtual Reality there are exactly two limitations: Your imagination and your budget. If you can think of it, and we can collectively come up with a way to monetize it, we can make it happen. Take a look at some of the ideas below to see if they get those creative juices flowing. Don’t see what you’re looking for, call us, we love brainstorming.

Create Unforgettable

Make sure your customers go home with the next level of unforgettable. If you are looking to add air, smell, motion, or temperature to your VR experience, we are here to help.

Adding 4D elements to VR can create an even more believable perception of reality by playing on the other senses. We focus on slight 4D elements designed to emphasise key aspects of an experience to bring it to the next level of believability.

Connections Around the World


We work with developers and creators all over the world to ensure you get top quality results for your project.

Technical Expertise

With locations all around the world running our systems, we are confident that we can help you get started on the right foot.


We know what it takes to keep everything running smoothly and are here to help you when issues arise.

Some of Our Services

We are a full service solution for Virtual Reality. From software to installation services, we have you covered.

Product Delivery

Get a setup that has been tried and tested under real world arcade stresses. We custom order your product to meet your needs but also meet top level requirements for VR. Your gear is guaranteed to work right out of the gate.

Onsite Installation & Support

When you start installing your systems, there can be a number of challenges with setup, training, and maintenance. We send out a tech to help you get your site up and running quickly with low stress.

Configuration Support

We can preload and configure your hardware with software, games and other utilities that are needed for running commercial VR. When your system arrives, it will be completely ready to go.

Technical Support

Even the best of systems have a bad day once in a while. When that is your day, we are here to help you understand and solve the issues you are experiencing.

4D Elements

Scent, temperature, motion, and air can take a neat experience and make it incredible. We can help with your 4D needs, small or large.

Game Development

We’re software developers at heart and between our in-house staff and extended network we have the talent and know-how to create whatever kind of VR experience you’d like.

Mobile Development

With mobile devices getting more time than any other screen these days, it is emparitive to create a prescense on your customers device. Small or large, we can create you a top grade app.

Marketing and Advertising

If you’re looking to get in front of truly captive eyeballs, there is no better place to be than inside of the Virtual Reality goggles. We can make that happen.

Training Applications

When it comes to VR, the brain only notices the reality part. As a result, training is super effective. VR Training is great for repetitive tasks and even better for dangerous ones.


This is a very fancy word that effectively means using photographs to display spatial relations. It’s also how all of those really cool real world Virtual Reality experiences are created.
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